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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011 Am I a Grinch?

Goblin time tomorrow night. My neighborhood is kind of isolated and parents from other places bring a lot of kids to us on Halloween. One of the neighbors near the entrance holds a trick or treat party every year in her driveway. Any neighbor who wants to, brings a covered dish and a sack of candy to be put on the candy table and children just come in as far as her driveway to trick or treat. Our houses are not real close together nor near the streets. We're also kind of hilly with no street lights past the first road. I guess the thinking is to keep little kids off the dark streets. I haven't gone to this particular event in the past as we have had other things going on that night, but this year I think we're going to see how it works out.

I can't decide if this is one more way we're doing everything for kids and not letting them learn what it takes to get what they want, or if I'm thinking in the colors of a grinch (green?)

When I remember how it used to be with kids clambering all over the place, dragging sacks door to door in the country where we lived, I feel like the adventure of actually being a free bird to roam around in the dark to your heart's content is a big deal to a little kid (not too little, of course). A child who is required to be under control every minute of his/her life, watched by every adult on the planet, rarely gets the opportunity to have such an adventure. However, I know society has stolen this privilege from our children because it just isn't SAFE. Along with the glory of wrecklessly breezing down a hill on a bike with no helmet.
Along with the responsibility of walking to school. Freedom may become just another word before long.

Maybe our main freedom will only be to choose the path of least resistence in the future.

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