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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 Tree Bones

Now I'm on a poetry roll.  Try not to glaze over.


I bow to bones
that spend their time
in racks
of silent bend and sway.
Impossible sticks intent
upon adherence to the ground.

Under skin and over heart
my veins pump oxygen
and make my acorns
fall to winds of lust.

I am become that tree
It is I, staunch
until my roots are torn
burrowed into by acts of worms.

I, a human bark
that clings precipitously
that must be peeled
away from you
like so much paint.

I, who feels your breath
flow and ebb
through pores
become my own.

I am man and tree
and they are me

Okay, I got that out of my system. 
I went to a meeting of the Lakeside Book Club (formerly called Thompson Creek Book Club) yesterday.  They discussed Auraria Dead with me.  One woman asked about the relationship between Maria and her mother.  Another asked about where Rolando came from.  Of course the answers were Maria's mother and father never agreed on anything so ceased to talk to each other, probably because the father (Robert John Charles) and Maria were so compatible the mother was jealous.  Rolando came right out my husband's fertile brain.  I gave him hair and a Guatamalan heritage.  The Darrel (husband) wanted him to be bald.

Anyway, we talked about their new read for next month,  Loving Frank, which I have already read.  It's about Frank Lloyd Wright and his first wife.  An interesting and challenging life for the woman.

I've been in discussion with a book club to read for me on my new book, Chattahoochee Dead.  This is an opportunity for me to see how far I've strayed from my plot before I embarrass myself by sending it to publishers.  It's pretty rough right now, so the time is prime to start rolling out the piecrust.  Fluting comes later.

A couple of things of note:  If you're in a book club and don't have a standard source for reads, consider A Novel Idea Bookstore in Dawsonville.  Very accommodating, Skip and Jill Arnhart keep a wide variety of mostly used books, sometimes new ones.  They're located right behind the GA 400 Outlet Mall in Dawson County.

I got an email from The Hall Book Exchange that they're having a marathon read (only two days, so don't panic) on October 21st and 22nd.  This means you go to their reading room and read everything you can for two days.  Winner wins something elegant.  Meanwhile, writers will be reading their books in another room on a schedule which is on their website.  Everything from multi-genre including children's stories are among the lineup.  It might beat the fare in the theatres during Halloween season.  By the way, their reading room is like grandma's living room.  Maybe even has doilies?
Probably because Myra is everybody's mother/grandma.

This is going to be an excellent week.  Rain pouring out of the sky like we're under a waterfall.  Not too cold yet.  A good day for chili and a good book.  If you're among the working world, pick up a dozen donuts and take them with you to work.  You'll have an immediate 12 new best friends--a good rainy day investment.


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