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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011 Now I've Seen Everything

Last evening I met with my writer's group and reviewed Jan's and Pat's critiques and new chapters.  Jan's tax office book is coming along well.  If you ever wanted to know what the tax off people live with, your chance will come when the book is out.  I get big laughs out of it as it grows.  Pat seems to be in writer's block.  But she's a trooper and keeps coming to our meetings.  I hope she gets kick started soon.

I've been trying to find out when kids will be trick or treating this year, since Halloween will be on a Monday.  It didn't use to vary, but now one never knows when the goblins will arrive.

Melody Scott

I didn’t think I was old enough to have seen everything yet.  But that’s exactly what’s happened.

I received a neat little envelope which held a folded wedding invitation.  It was simple and tri-folded.  It was engraved on Halloween stationary, complete with witches, ghosts,  arched-back cats, haystacks, and a giant sized “BOO” written in the upper left corner.
The date was October 31, a Monday.  Guests were requested to come in costume.

Weird is what I initially thought.  Unique is what I decided after the shock wore off. 
The couple was registered on line at two stores.  They’d been living together for five years.  What could they possibly need for their home?  The first store registry noted items they had chosen as screw drivers, a reciprocating saw, a power drill and an extension ladder.  My immediate reaction:  I DON’T THINK SO!  The second store listed items more of the blushing bride type:  towels, china, glasses, etc.  I guess there was one store for the more progressive thinkers and one for the old traditional fogeys.  Obviously I showed my category when I bought some china.

A month later we packed up and headed out of state for this wedding, unsure about whether we would be perpetuating a fraud or considered fossils.  Could we bring ourselves to dress as Blackbeard the Pirate and Petunia Pig for this holy event?

We made our way into the conference room of a nice hotel, among Jacks and Jills, Little Bo Peeps, a Nurse Cratchet, several fairies complete with magic wands and innumerable ghouls and bunnies.  We were dressed as wedding guests.  There was an interesting array of tiny children, fresh from trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns chocked full of candy, dressed in their Halloween finery.

The large round tables were covered with black table cloths.  Witch candy bowls were full of Snicker bars, Tootsie pops, Dots, jelly beans and etc.  Miniature pumpkins, skeleton heads and ghosts held black and orange candles fresh from Hobby Lobby.  Every table had place settings for ten guests.  There was a white aisle laid through the tables to a podium flanked by flower baskets full of gorgeous orange and red gladioli, Star flowers, chrysanthemums, chili peppers.  Whoever did those flowers was a genius.

The guests arrived as if for a party, joshed each other about the different costumes and teased the children who dashed about on a sugar high.  The crowd settled into the tables, and immediately the ceremony began.  The beautiful and thin bride’s maids wore chocolate brown satin dresses.  They were very elegant looking with more of those wonderful flowers.  The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown which was strapless in order to maximize her back and shoulders covered in tattoos of little angel wings.  He was dressed in a tuxedo.  Their rings had just been tattoo’d onto their ring fingers, necessitating the engagement ring to be worn on the bride’s right ring finger.  It was a huge diamond ring, with a gold skull engraved at one end of the diamond, and a spider web engraved at the other side.

Immediately after the wedding, a light buffet was brought into the room and all the guests had dinner while the pictures were taken right there.  The children weren’t interested in dinner, so the adults were entertained by about twelve tiny, dancing, costumed children and one remote-controlled witch’s broom, which really made the evening.

I understand that the hotel was the second choice for the nuptials.  It originally was planned for a cemetery, but they had a scheduling problem.  Maybe the date conflicted with another wedding?

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