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Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28,2011 Sad Melody

Something I heard on the radio this morning...(political disclaimer, so skip this part if you're sick of it already).

Here's Herman Cain, who says (paraphrased) "In Alabama in the 60's when I went to a MLK rally and we all got on the bus, there was a section in the front different from the section in the back of the bus. I was told I had to ride in the back of the bus. And now, because of this beautiful nation of the United States, I don't have to ride in the back of the bus any more. In fact, I OWN the bus. Not only that, my picture is on the outside of the bus. Not only that, I'm running for President of the United States of America! How beautiful is that!"

Here's Governor Perry, who says (paraphrased) "I'm don't think I'm going to any more of the planned debates. I think they're just an excuse to tear candidates down."

I went to visit my friend's blog at http://www.cherylbdale.blogspot.com/ and wanted to make a comment about a book she had reviewed. But the site insisted I couldn't make a comment because I wasn't registered. So I registered. Then it told me I couldn't make a comment because I wasn't registered. And I've had a couple of people tell me the same thing about leaving comments on my blog here. On the other hand, SOME people have left comments, though I don't know how or why. So, if anybody reading this wants to leave a comment and run into the same problem, please know I'd love to hear from you at www.melodydscott@gmail.com .


Did you ever think you'd have to worry about the state of your dog's teeth? How many dogs have I had over the years and never once thought about the condition of their teeth? Well, one day recently I happened to be plowing around in Abby's mouth to see why she was so obviously upset, and found not only a bone stuck in the arch of the roof of her mouth that she couldn't dislodge, but also just how strange the anatomy of a dog jaw is organized. There is a model of a dog's jawbones in my vet's office (Dr. Habermann at Foothills Vet Clinic on Auraria Road in Dawsonville) but never paid much attention to it until then. So, having removed the errant bone, I decided to compare the model to the actual dog mouth and was appalled at the condition of her teeth. I was a bad mother, having scoffed at other dog mothers who told me they brushed their dogs' teeth. I would never do that, I remember saying. After all, she eats better than we do, special dehydrated Sojos imported turkey and beef. Yuck. After having heart palpatations upon learning just what the charge is for the vet to scale dog teeth, I stopped into my friendly neighborhood pet store and bought some green slime guaranteed to dissolve plaque. It miraculously worked...for a little while. But then plaque was back and now it was time to get serious. Abby goes to the vet on Monday to get her teeth scaled, since I'm such a bad mother (sigh). She'll be there all day and will likely come back demented from the anesthesia (snif) because they have to put her out (probably so she won't bite them--ha! I say to those who don't know Abby). She'll probably be neurotic from being in a vet cage all day (snif) and who knows what goes on behind the white door to the back room of the vet's office.

Sad Melody

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  1. We have a dog that comes to stay with us when his owner goes out of town. He is a sweet little terrier. He recently had eighteen teeth pulled!!! Probably because his diet isn't the best; probably because his owner doesn't brush his teeth either. This little dog has 12 teeth left for the rest of his life - vet says he'll be fine.
    We've never brushed our dog's teeth either. "They" say that dry food cleans teeth somewhat.
    Hope you are still not Sad Melody.
    Reston, VA