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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My review of Mystery In Marietta by Deborah Malone

                                                                  MURDER IN MARIETTA
    Deborah Malone

            Protagonist Trixie Montgomery is a reporter for Georgia By The Way Magazine, whose editor, Harv has assigned her to investigate mysterious, unexplainable occurrences involving theft, smoke odor, and ghosts reported to the police from the Marietta History Museum personnel and guests.
            Trixie isn’t real happy about being chosen to be a ghost catcher, but the fact is she needs a paycheck and she needs her colorful dreams to alleviate, so she agrees to spend one night in the museum with her best friend, DeeDee, and make up something for the boss.
            However, the museum curator, Doc, finds a dead body while the women are in the building. So the curator, Trixie and DeeDee all become suspects to the murder of Jacob, who is the president of the board of directors/
            Nana, Trixie’s great Aunt brings her best friend, Dora to see the museum when Dora happens to break her hip falling down and is shipped to the hospital.  Nana needs intravenous southern fried greasy chicken fixes between supporting Dora and helping Trixie and DeeDee find the correct culprit and have them recognized as innocent.
            Ms. Monroe has done a lovely job of inserting passages of Marietta building history and relating them to the present. 
It’s a classic cozy/mystery that leaves nothing out—murder, red herring suspects, frightening experiences that seem to have no explanation, period balls, complete with the fun of old ladies wrestling with hoop skirts. Sprinkled throughout the story are traditional southern homilies such as “tick on a hound dog,” “quicker than a southern girl could say ‘well bless her heart,’” etc.
Typically, Murder In Marietta is a squeaky clean novel of a romp in old parts of Georgia. If you want a cozy with a mystery, clean fun, outrageous characters with a little history thrown in, this is it.

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