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Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30 blog -- Dahlonega writer's group.

Silver Strutter is now published, so I was looking around for something interesting to do and found a brand new writer’s group being organized.  The first meeting was in Dahlonega, which is not in a high traffic area even though it met at 3:00 Friday afternoon.

I met some unusually interesting people who are considering writing books, or have already started their writing avocations.

One person is a sleep disorder person who monitors people as they sleep under a controlled environment.  I have a lot of questions for her in the future.  I can see her coming up with a good plot involving her career field.

Another person has almost her second doctorate in the science field and writes in that genre.  I wonder if she’s going to let us read her work, or if we would even understand it.  I feel a little intimidated with my ability to focus on such detail.  But you never know.  Some people could write about soap flakes and make it interesting. 

Then there are three people who are interested in the romance/sci-fi genre, fantasy, etc.  I haven’t read much of that in the past, but I guess I’ll learn how to appreciate it.  Romance will be a push for me because it seems like the plot never changes.  Obviously I haven’t been paying enough attention.  These three people vary in careers and want to work toward the same goal. How can that not be interesting?

Another pair, one of whom just graduated from North Georgia College and State University, and the other teaches philosophy and one whose career field I missed.  They want to co-op on a book together in the sci-fi field.  That ought to be interesting—a sci-fi philosophy teacher.  Hmmm.

Sadly, nobody else writes mystery, which of course is where my mind stays.  But I can’t help think that any suggestions would be appreciated.  Not necessarily used, but always appreciated just in case.  We will all need beta readers, in case anybody out there would be interested in giving his opinion about unfinished, unpublished books.  Feedback is crucial to writers.  Let me know if you are interested.