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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Leaving Abby

Today I had to take my dog to stay in a kennel for the first time so we can go to a wedding.  Festivities are planned for two days and nights.  Dogs are not invited.😯

Since Abby hadn't been away from us and she has a heart condition, not to mention separation anxiety (imagined), I was worried.

On the positive side, Holly's Bed and Biscuit specializes in my dog's breed---Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  They offer individual care only with others of the same breed.  Not that we're as snobby as that sounds, but few Cavs can play with other breeds due to the Cavs' lack of aggressiveness.  These dogs eat out of each other's bowls, turn reclusive when threatened by other breeds, and won't fight.  You can see how that might be a problem next door to an aggressive breed dog.

Abby began shaking terribly when we took her into the reception room.  However, just then another car pulled up with another Cav and Abby was fascinated.  I checked with the dog's owner to see if I could let Abby visit with her pup.  The lady took one look at Abby and said her dog would love it.  They were so happy to greet each other!

Now I'm concerned Abby will get used to being a dog and not want to come home with us. Our house is very boring with nobody her same size to play with.  I never thought I would be concerned with the psychological welfare of a dog.  But, alas, not to worry...Holly's B&B even washes the dog and trims its nails before we pick her up, for a very nominal fee.

They offer a spa treatment, but I haven't succumbed.  I think I should go to a spa first before I send my dog to one.

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