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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Losing David by Cheryl Dale--Review by Melody Scott

                                  LOSING DAVID (Review by Melody Scott

By Cheryl Dale

Losing David was an extraordinary story about a man, an actor, who has been coached and insinuated into the Harmony family in order to avoid misappropriation of inheritance funds by the bad guy (Theodore Pack)..

            There were times that David was really David, then he turned into the actor, Nick Downing, based only upon who he said he was.  It was hard for me to believe he was at first David, then Nick, but the change was so convincing I started questioning how that switch could be, even though I read the true story from the beginning.

            Nick/David is a fun character who teases everybody in the story and chameleon-like, becomes hateful and rude then charming and cute, based on how he needed to manipulate the people he was hired to convince of David’s reality.

            Until the very ending I had a question in my mind, which was eventually straightened up and made the story click together.

            The foil in the story, Megan Mulrennon, charmed into loving Nick whether he claimed that day to be David or himself, was torn through the entire story about her part in his life. She realizes, to her the men are one in the same while everybody else knows he/they are lying about one or the other. After being angry at the imposter(s) for leading her on, Megan had to find enough positive things about them both that it didn’t matter who the changling was. She more or less looked for a good reason to believe in them both.

            It’s an unusual and pretty exciting story, especially for a romance, but you can identify with all of the characters as they show their stripes one by one.

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