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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My blog for today, 5/23/2012 Back Home Safe

Darrel got a treat today when he looked up to see the USS Carl Vinson pulling into San Diego Harbor with all the sailors dressed in their white uniforms standing along the perimeter railing.  Since part of his job is to photograph progress on the cemetery irrigation system, he always has his camera with him.  The usual morning fog made it difficult to get a very clear picture, but you can just see the San Diego skyline in the background.  A pretty spectacular view.  It makes me proud to see something like this in person--I wish I'd been standing there with him. 

This second picture is closer up but is still difficult to see the sailors lining the deck of this massive ship.
From theSan Diego Union Tribune Newspaper today:
"After back to back deployments and two years of missed Christmases, Valentines and Mother's Days, the sailors of the aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson, returned to San Diego Wednesday morning for a good long rest.
The carrier pulled up to its North Island Navel Air Station pier just before 11 a.m., ending a six month tour that included launching jets for patrols over Afghanistan and working in the Persian Gulf during tense relations with Iran."

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  1. I envy Darrel, too, for getting to see such a spectacular sight. Hope the crew don't have to miss more Christmases and holidays.