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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My blog for 5/17/2012 The Leprechaun's Garden

The Garden of Eden, where we live, is home to every flower I've ever seen or heard about.

The leprechaun who owns the place is Muriel, wife of the famous teacher and artist, Clay Walker (unfortunately deceased).  Muriel herself is a retired real estate broker (go figure) who bought the eight acre mountaintop 35 years ago for their personal residence.  The Darrel and I live in what once was Clay's art studio, next to the main house.  Anyway, Muriel plants whatever she wants to plant, regardless of what's supposed to grow and what is not.  So annuals come back every year, bulbs grow next to cactus, golden poppies grow next to hibiscus and jonquils.  I've learned to not question the roses and jasmine sharing a hillside.

I've posted some of my husband's photographs below.

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