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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My blog for 10/16/2013 Characterization of Maria Sebastian

Maria Sebastian thinks she hates her cousin Emily.  Maria actually has the same genetic wow look as Emily, and doesn’t envy her cousin when Emily gets the attention and Maria gets people’s backs.  It’s about the way Emily does it.  Any way she can. If she has a choice of risky or normal, Emily simply cannot choose normal.

And then there is Maria’s reputation at stake--or at least she thinks there is.  She’s been selling properties to and for clients who admire her stability and , and she’s become quite attached to them¸ will turn over rocks to see that they are satisfied with their purchases.  Maria’s whole life is built around that instant that she knows a buyer is excited about a property.  It’s a “gotcha” moment that she lives for.  Which of course is why she could never be in any other profession.
Maria left Phoenix for good eighteen years ago when her husband had knocked her into a wall and promised more.  She didn’t marry this man, she married a loving person who had issues with showing his affection, but inside of him, he was mush. Or so she thought, That lasted less than five years before the real Norman Sebastian showed his true colors.  She had prepared in advance for her escape, knowing he would not stop looking for her, maybe ever.  She was his possession, after all.

She moved to Atlanta--a place with no affiliations, no baggage, no family, no problems.

She became a new woman.

Shocked by the trees that covered all the land east of the Mississippi River, she was awed

by the abundance of woods, by the leaves on the ground that had been there for hundreds of years, by the tiny colorful mushrooms growing randomly, by the tree canopy that lifted its face to the sun and provided her with shade--like some great hands protecting her.  Her breath fell out of her when she came upon a spring in the woods.  It bubbled right out of the ground, and she rethought Mother Nature.  She fell in love with the trees.