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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My blog for 10/19/2013 Rolando

Rolando is Guatamalan, and somewhere along the line he was assigned to be Emily’s bodyguard. He could have done this himself. He could have been hired by Emily, but he also could have been assigned by Mason Walker.  For that matter, Anthony Lionetta could have supplied Emily with Rolando, but that would entail merging over to the good side instead of the dark side, to leave the badguys to their own ways.  He is adept at disappearing and has a plethora of assets.  He cooks, body guards, drives, solves any problem in front of him in a most peculiar way.  He loves duct tape and Emily, and that pretty well is all.  Rolando is short, stocky, brown, carries several weapons: nobody knows what or how many.  Since he doesn’t talk, nobody knows what language he speaks, or if he speaks.

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