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Sunday, October 13, 2013

My blog for 10/13/2013 Emily Louise Tandy-Maria Sebastian Series

Characterization from my Maria Sebastian Mystery Series.
Emily Louise Tandy is a taker.  She thinks taking advantage of anybody she can reach is fair game.  Problem is, her mother and Maria Sebastian’s mother are sisters and the bond they’ve got is altruistic.  She tried changing their ways.  She tried changing her sisters’ ways as well, but everybody looked at her like she was nuts.  The fifth of six girls, she basically raised herself.  You can get lost in a crowd and she didn’t want to be related to them anyway as they were a bunch of dorks.
Her father was a real live roper.  He spent months in South America with horses and cows.  Cows!  Then he came home with various ponies, wild horses and an array of other wild animals tucked into his horse trailer.  The best one ever was a Paso Fino colt.  Emily  learned to ride when she was two years old.
Her cousin Maria lived three doors down from her in the outback of Phoenix, Arizona
Since Maria was an only child, she spent all her time with her cousins and their animals.
The gimmick Emily used to ride anything her dad dragged home, was an ancient rough-out saddle and some stolen chaps (from her sister).  Nothing could make her come off a horse.  Soon she had Maria doing the same thing so they could race each other over the hills.
Maria, Emily and her sisters thought about joining a circus when they were children.  Riding by that time was in their blood.  But Emily was the only one who actually did it. 

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