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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Second blog for 8/24/2013 Chattahoochee Dead

I've been informed the new book will be released in September.  So now I'm trying to get Auraria Dead back in Amazon at about the same time.  Boy is that a way to humble such as I.  Only three weeks and the cover is now duplicated.  A computer nerd could have done it in two days.

I am excited about the new book.  I love the cover with the parrot on it.  Michaeleleah Tristram designed the cover for me and she's now hard at work to get the thing redrawn and finalized.

I am seriously searching for a computer literate person to help me with marketing, in case anybody out there knows of one such person.  Also if anybody can put me in touch with a book club so I can visit them and have a signing.  Of course, those book clubs I've previously visited are already on my list to contact about the new book.

I shall keep you informed of any progress that might actually happen.

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