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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My blog for 8/25/2013 The Duck Pond

We went looking for a real bathtub, since the one we have is a pretend one.  It has feet and is made for a princess who really doesn't care if she gets clean or not.  The husband has been known to get stuck in its narrowness.

Of course after so many years without a real tub and with so many options on the market, we very quickly made our way to the jetted tubs.  Problem:  There is no jetted tub made that will fit in the optional space unless we remodel the bathroom.  So we looked at free standing tubs--but they have no jets at all, only very girly champagne bubbles.  However they do fit into the allotted space.  What can be the use of them is more than I can see.

Ergo we merged over to the hot tub store.  The hot tubs of substantial size are the same price as the bathtubs of useless bubbles.  And they come with ducks.  Not only that but the ducks come with sunglasses.  Of course one can't put a hot tub inside the house unless one wishes to grow their own mushrooms, but our house is constructed so that it's actually closer to go outside to a hot tub than it is to walk into the bathroom's bathtub (which by the way is very good for blowing the dog dry with a hairdryer after her bath in the shower.)

And the hot tub has jets for every ache.  You don't have to wait for the hot water to come up from the basement.  You don't have to waste the water by draining it after every bath.  And you really can do some aerobic exercises in it as long as they're the sitting down kind.  Mostly there is no chance the husband will get stuck in it.  And did I mention the ducks?

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