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Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Blog for 10/6/2012 JOE THE CAT III


Joe walked on light feet down the driveway with his tail straight up in the air.  He cautiously turned toward the side of the house when he heard a commotion and made his way to the corner.  He sat down, picked up a front foot, licked his white sock.   But he got curious about the noise and peeked north.

The brindle Great Dane, Freddy, tossed a box turtle he’d found into the air.  He caught it then sat for a minute as if to think about what to do with it next.  He shook his head back and forth.  The turtle’s back feet waved about frantically inside the left side of Freddy’s lips, which covered all but the turtle’s toes.  Its head had disappeared inside its shell, nearly covered by black dog lips on the right side of his mouth.

Freddy tossed the turtle again.  Joe walked casually toward Freddy until he was inches behind him.  When the dog suddenly sat down, Joe put his foot gently on the dog’s tail, which Freddy did not notice as he caught the turtle in mid-air.  Joe extended his claws into the tail.

Freddy’s eyes distended, the turtle dropped to the ground with a crack.  The dog’s head darted between his own two back feet as the turtle spun downhill like a hubcap off a car’s wheels.  Freddy ended upside down in the dirt.

Joe sauntered south until Freddy got his feet under him again. 
Joe went up a tree.