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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My blog for 10/2/2012 WHAT ARE GRANDPAS GOOD FOR?


There was a parade of four children and one large grandpa through this house just minutes ago.  They were on their way to the garage, looking for string with which to make a bow.  It seems one of them found an arrow in the woods, which would remain flightless if not for the grandpa who knew how to make a bow. 

On their way through, they discussed important things such as how to make a slingshot.  All they needed was an inner tube.  But what would they shoot?  Rocks?  No, rocks might hurt somebody.  How about acorns?  They would probably hurt somebody too, in the war they were planning.  But acorns are plentiful this time of year, so they were chosen as the preferred ammunition.  Now they had to volunteer a bicycle inner tube.  One of them knew just the place to find it.

I don’t know what they found to make the bow with, but I know it will work because I know that grandpa.  Aha!  I’ve just been informed it was made of fresh sapling.

Was this grandpa a retired maker of hunting equipment?  No.  Was he once the architect of innovative patents?  No.  The key to this grandpa is he was a boy once.  He was not raised with I-Pads or video games or DVDs or I-Pods or even cell phones.  He never knew about computer screens or keyboards.  Ergo, he had a little time on his hands, between fighting his seven brothers for the only bicycle.  He can still make a go cart that really goes, a bow that really shoots and a slingshot to die for.

Yesterday he taught his son-in-law how to tear a hole in the wall and fix a leaky shower faucet, then drywall up the hole, tape, sand and paint it.

I wonder what our grandchildren will teach their grandchildren.

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