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Friday, October 5, 2012

My blog for 10/5/2012 JOE THE CAT II


Joe the cat lay upside down on the back porch with his feet in the air.  His paws looked like white tulips dangling on their stems.

The mother watched him from the window when he rose to head for the barn.  With the sunlight from the late spring day behind him, he looked kind of noble in his arrogant swagger.  Next she saw him, he sauntered to the back screened door with a dead mouse in his jaws, and deposited the corpse on the Welcome Mat.  Work done for the day, he headed back to the barn.

Soon she noticed Joe the tightrope walker slowing make his way along the wooden top rail of the paddock out back and light on a 4 x 4 juncture post, where he sat down and looked at Molly.  She swung her head his direction lazily, blew softly, and casually four-footed it over to his post.  Put her nostrils, the size of half his body, on his head.  He used her chin as a scratching post.  She sidled up to the rail.  He hopped onto her rump.  She daydreamed as he nestled down to take a nap.

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