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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My blog for Nov. 4   Hair—Lots OF IT.

My house is filled with football and baseball during the playoffs and championships so far in 2015.  I hadn’t watched the metamorphosis last year, if indeed there was one, to a new category of ball players for the great American past times.
So, suddenly there appeared men with hair.  Not the sexy clean wavy look of something you want to run your fingers through, but the shoulder-length, scroungy look of a homeless dog.  Add a sweaty helmet to the mix, maybe a couple of earrings  (earrings?)  and then top it all off with something resembling a beard.
The beard thing mostly looks like somebody forgot to shave.  But some look planned, at ten inches long or more.  There again, not the look of smooth locks on the chin, but the look of a witch’s broom that has been used daily to sweep up who knows what.
I understand that fans who think huge red fingers, balloons that bang together quietly, their special players’ jerseys and lots of strange body paint and tattoos are somehow admirable to show their loyal glee, feel the need to emulate the beard thing by wearing beard wigs to the stadium.
At first I thought the players would shave every so often, but no.  It’s apparently about the tough grunge look.  I’m thinking it’s the only thing left that men can do that women absolutely cannot.  Maybe men have finally tired of women trying to be their equal(s).  Of course, there are those who really do want to be women and God had another plan for them, but I think the regular testosterone filled male has taken his macho thing a step further than used to be necessary.
Even the young men of today feel they look sexy with a day or two's worth of beard--even the elder ones with gray beards.
Sexy?  Sure, if you like Brillo pads to snuggle up to.  I can only think about the rash I'd have for a week as a price for snuggling.
Maybe it's a tool to be unattractive to women who are clamoring to get their hands on those guys.

I used to really like looking at men.  Now I just want to clean them up.


  1. Cheryl: I have no idea why your comments don't show up down here. But anyway, it's more about the beard thing than the long hair. No, wait..it's more about the long hair. No, wait...

    1. It says you have to approve my comments before they show up. Or, you can go to Settings, then Posts and Comments, and choose 'never' to make all comments show up. At least that's how my blog works!

  2. Someone posted photos on Facebook the other day of some guys with the long beards along with some older photos of some guys with mullets. The caption read that the 'beards' would someday be the mullets of years past. #thistoshallpass Hopefully :)