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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Blog for 9/13/2013 Chattahoochee Dead!

Finally, Chattahoochee Dead is going to arrive at a bookstore near you on September 27, 2013

Maria Sebastian, realtor, just wants to sell the land so she can make her buyer happy and also collect the commission she’s been working on for a year.  The buyer gets cold feet when he sees the empty grave on the property she wants to sell him.  When the body of a realtor is found in the Chattahoochee, Maria suggests to the authorities they should check out the empty grave.  But they don’t see the connection.  Problems are starting to line up for Maria.  She can’t get information she needs for the sale, she can’t explain to the buyer whether the grave is actually on the property.  Lazy-ass Taylor Wilke wants her to do his work as well as hers.  Her nightmare cousin Emily shows up without warning and turns Maria’s house into a dormitory for Romanian teenagers.  If she complains to her parents about her cousin, they’ll accuse her of heinous family disloyalty.  And there’s just no reason Emily carries around an African Gray Parrot, and the Mafia wants him back, Emily back and their personal property back.  Never having been altruistic in her life, Emily has either suddenly developed a heart or there is yet another secret Maria cannot answer.  Underlying all the mystery is another family overly-familiar with the Dawson Forest of Dawson County, Georgia, complete with its history and questionable safety as a public park.


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