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Monday, May 6, 2013

My blog for 5/6/2013 The parrot from Chattahoochee Dead

We had a great adventure today when my photographer and I visited a parrot breeder and we fell in love with "Amanda," an African Gray Parrot who will probably be doing the stand in for Epifanio Alejandro,
the parrot of Chattahoochee Dead that Emily stashes in Maria's house so Antonio Lionetta who is  chasing her (Emily) won't find him (the bird). Emily tells Maria that Antonio (Tony) is chasing her because he wants to marry her and she's not interested.

Of course, Maria doesn't know Epifanio is in her house and panics when she hears "don't take your love to town," coming from around the bathroom corner where she finds a humongus bird cage complete with bird.   She does not want or need a bird and wants him out of her house. With promises from Emily that Epifanio won't be there very long, Maria agrees to keep him for two days.  However, she grows to really like the bird, and doesn't want Emily to take him away after all.  But that's another story.

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