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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My blog for 8/2/2012 Chick fil A and Dog Tails

Hate-groups protesting chicken?  Because the company is owned by a Christian?
I don’t think so.

People...it all comes down to frustration, and dog tails.

We are staggering under an economy that depresses everybody.  We drive in gridlock.

Our TV sets undermine us as parents.  Our media undermines us with titillating shows that glamorize actors playing roles as law-breaking criminals.  Our heroes are 14 year olds with perfect bodies who have no idea there are 80 more years to be lived after that first 14.  Our newscasters make sure we know about every disgusting thing a human animal is capable of doing.  Our electronic geniuses constantly make new mousetraps and paint them pink so we will love it, buy it.  Our parents go neurotic trying to keep ahead of their children, whose lives are being segued into a slipstream of depravity.

Until I came to San Diego, I didn’t realize how totally American citizens are regulated.  And taxed, of course.  We have a free country that is getting less and less free because our government wants to make everybody happy.  I didn’t know until now that every TV in a business is taxed by how many individuals can see the screen at one time.

We have a democratic process we adhere to and tout to the world.  Why can’t we let it work?  Why do we let the tail wag the dog?  Our minority groups are killing us.

In order to make our minority groups happy, oops, there goes another “freedom.”

Majority has a right to rule.  The only laws should be those that come from the majority.

And for those who don’t like those laws, they may go somewhere else­­--to a country that will perhaps be happy to be wagged by the tail.

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