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Friday, July 13, 2012

My blog for 7/13/2012 COUSIN CAMP

Tomorrow I am going to Cousin Camp, which is held out toward the desert at a cousin's house on a few acres in the wilderness area east of San Diego by about thirty miles.  This camp draws about fifty of my cousins, and as an adult, entails my participation in whatever job I'm given after I get there, which lasts for one week.  Second generation adults are given jobs, such as being in charge of "food,"
(try buying food for 50 people for a week), "Art" (this person holds continuous classes in art projects such as ceramics, painting, rock sculpture, claywork, etc. for the whole week), "Children" (this third generation adult and his wife take on the project of making sure children's problems are solved with their needs for bathing, teeth brushing, tent issues, bathroom facilities, etc.)  Food preparation is another heading, candy store, sporting games is another, maintenance is another.  Acting and face painting are involved, dancing is in there somewhere.  All in all, it's purely amazing.  I have never gone for a full week before.  The only reason I agreed to attend this year is because I'm taking my little camper trailer.

The main goal of the cousin who originally started this camp was to have children spend a week where there were no rules.  Except the treat each other respectfully, of course.  Kids can eat anything available, stay up all night if they want to.  Wander around in a creek and investigate frogs. Swim for seven days.  (An in-ground lap pool is open for use--complete with life-guard cousins).  Mostly it was to expose children to their cousins many of whom they see rarely--holidays and vacations.  There are no electronics including TV.

Having the trailer doesn't mean it will have electricity, i.e. air conditioning, microwave, coffee pot, etc.  It doesn't mean there will be a week's worth of water for showers or bathroom.  However, it DOES mean I get a BED.  And it does mean I can take Abby with me.  It means there's a chance the chatter of children all night won't affect my sleep.  It does mean I get one pot to heat water on the stove, and someplace to change clothes, clothes to change into as well.  When fifty people converge on one property, it's pretty much chaos, and these amenities are to be treasured.  I'm such a wimp.

No computer access for a week, so I hope nobody misses me.  I will have my Iphone if I have a place to charge it.  This is retro time for a week.  I wonder if I'll survive.

In case I don't come back, adios!


  1. Oh My Goodness - what a "LIFE" experience??? Can't wait to get your "return to civilization" blog - and YES, I do expect you to not only survive, but thrive and return with an amazing "story"!

  2. Oh, Libby it'll be such chaos I'm doubtful I'll be able to assimilate in a logical manner. I will gather whatever I can and try to make sense of it on a blog after it's over. My daughter is coming out in two weeks to visit...Yay!!

  3. Sounds nice in print, but I so do not envy you! I like my creature comforts way too much!