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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My blog for 6/24/2012 Kokopelli

This is the wall across the front courtyard of Muriel's house, which was made by her husband, Clay Walker, who is a well-known artist and sculptor.  Since his ancestry was American Native Indian, he made this wall as a triibute to his heritage.  Clay is now deceased but his paintings are in a gallery in San Diego.

Muriel asked me to paint an electrical box that sticks out in the yard across from this sculpture. This box is 20" x 30" and is on a stand six feet high, making a really ugly yard ornament. It's painted green but isn't disguised at all. So in keeping with the Indian theme, I've decided to use Kokopelli on that box.  I'm sure many people have seen this character, but here is Kokopelli:
He is actually from the Hopi Indian tribe and has been found on earliest petroglyphs on cave rocks.
He is the legendary piper who calls spring in from winter and causes all kind of havoc with his pranks.  He is responsible for spring's rebirth in all is ramifications.

So this box I plan to paint will have a colorful background and Kokopelli will have to be white to blend in with the power meter face and be Koko's head.  Obviously I won't need features on this face. I hope for it to be a faux art mural of sorts.  And if it looks terrible, I can always paint it back to green.

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