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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Melody's blog for 4/7/2013 Publishing Chattahoochee Dead

I've got a publisher for Chattahoochee Dead in case I want to publish that way.  I don't have all the information yet, so am not positive.  Of course I've investigated all the other avenues for getting this done and have come down to using Amazon's publishing company (which I'd get to pay for) or another one like I-Universe (which I'd get to pay for).  Or go with this publisher who only does books regarding the Appalacian Mountain range (and I don't have to pay for).   I've sent Chattahoochee Dead to so many publishers that I'm disgusted with the whole industry.  Of course it's still out with about 13 others, so I suppose something could turn up I'd like better.  I've talked to a few other publishers who have indicated some interest in the series I'm working toward.  But no contracts yet.  I really like the offer I got.  But what's best for Chattahoochee Dead?  What's best for Melody?  I think any self-publishing costs would vary from about $600. to $2500.  And there is no knowing what the figure would actually be until the commitments are made, one at a time.

Actually Melody has a lot on her plate right now (seems it never goes away) and will not necessarily have time to deal with a self-publisher.  I think like an old person sometimes--if it isn't good enough for a publisher to take it, it's stigmatized, to my way of thinking.  And the new news is I'll get the rights back on Auraria Dead at the end of July and can think about using it as a guina pig to learn how to self-publish.  I mean, it's already an ebook, so how hard can it be to continue that?

Regardless of who publishes Chattahoochee Dead, there will be no advertising budget from them--that's a given.  So I'll be responsible for 99% of whatever sales I can make.  On the surface I'd like to just contract with this guy who's interested and get it out of my brain.  Of course, that's not how it works--there must be editing, scene decisions, cover design decisions, ISPN application, and lord knows how many more decisions.  So I guess there is no easy way to do this, which I knew all along.  I was just hoping it would go away after I was rich and famous.

Pray for me.

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  1. Have you tried MuseItUp? They're in Canada but they do mysteries and all kinds of stuff. I liked them very well. They have pretty good editors and cover artists.

    I've also self-pubbed two books. The old Silhouette I didn't have to have edited since it'd already been there, but I did hire a cover artist and formatters. I'd never pay a company like Amazon or iUniverse. Hire your own editor and formatters, and you can probably do your own cover. Once you pay them, you're done. All the profits are yours and like you say, you'll have to promote it yourself anyway.

    I've got info on editors and artists and formatting people who'll format and load directly to Amazon, B&N, and all those others. Email me if you need it! Better yet, move down here so we can go back to critiquing!