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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My blog for 4/10/2013 The African Gray Parrot search

I have begun thinking about the cover for Chattahoochee Dead.  Since one of the lighter items in the story involves a talking African Gray Parrot, whose name is Epifanio Alejandro, I would like a bird like him to be on the cover some place.

Since I'm fresh out of African Gray Parrots, I went on line and looked up "exotic birds."  Of course all the ones I found were in different states.  So I went back on line and looked up Melody's dream idea of "African Gray Parrot Breeders," thinking I could go to Atlanta if I had to. 

But a miracle happened and a name came up of a breeder who LIVES IN DAWSON COUNTY!

Jump back!

That would never happen again in a hundred years.    Naturally I emailed this person and she emailed me back and we've agreed that I can go to her aviary and see her African Gray as soon as possible.
Later when we have the cover under way I'll know more about the angle we will need for a picture, and then I can take the photographer over there to take pictures of her.

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  1. Whoa! Dawson County has a parrot breeder? Those things live for years, don't they? Go look but don't buy one!