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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My blog for 3/21/2012 Canned Salmon

After three days of being canned salmon here in our little clam on top of the hill due to ice?! falling and then snow (in southern California?!) we gathered up our change and went to the Indian casinos.  We found five of them within a thirty mile range, down in the valley of the Laguna mountains.  Harrah's even had a casino out there, which we skirted.  If I'm going to lose money, I'd like a little ambiance while I'm doing it.  Anyway, we found Triple Diamond machines with cherries--cherries are a gambling must--a whole bank of them on the Pala Reservation Casino.  Then we tippy-toed past the beautiful pastry bar, hoping none of the pastries would jump on us, and settled in to lose $40.  Since I went home with $50, I consider the day a roaring success.

Only two scenes to edit for Chattahoochee Dead and the thing is finished.  Then I've got to get some readers for feedback.  It's not a fun job for them because it can't be a straight read to analyze scenes and discuss some of them.  Maybe I'll take my $10 and go celebrate when it's done.

Meanwhile I'm going to try PickleBall tomorrow.  Don't know what that is, but came across a woman who is quickly becoming a friend, who plays this game every Thursday, and who invited me to try it.
I'm as athletic as not wanting to watch football, so I hope I don't embarrass her.  PickleBall seems to be a cross between tennis and ping pong?  At least it's held in a senior center, so maybe I won't fall down.  In the past I've tried many sports, actually played on a softball team when I was a kid, even if I was the last kid chosen when teams were drawn up.

The only thing I was ever any good at was modern dance, but after one graduates from school, that goes away or becomes a profession.  More recently I tried jogging, aerobics, pilates, yoga, tap dancing and even line dancing and now I'm down to basically walking my dog for a couple of miles a few times a week.

PickleBall may or may not be something I'm comfortable doing.  Exertion isn't the problem with me--it's about coordination and strength, neither of which I seem to have any more.  I can only handle so much of feeling like a fool.  So pray for me.

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