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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Blog for February 23, 2012 ----- The Almost Five Decade Marriage

Today is my wedding anniversary.
My life has been written in era chapters:  There were the dormant years, the discovery years, the awakening years, the reality strikes years, the pinnacle years, the ebb years.  All of these have been punctuated by moments of bliss, of chaos, of clear thinking and of confusion.  But the best thing I could have possibly done is sign on for Sidekick.  Now, did I know then what was in store for me?  Absolutely not--but I did have a pretty good idea it would be interesting, and  had little doubt it would be fun.  I didn't know, for instance, that I'd have to grow up, even if I was only the sidekick.

When I signed on as Sidekick, I'd had the grace to research the Chief.  He'd been analyzed to death, though neither of us knew it at the time.  He considered himself the diamond-in-the-rough, and thought of me as the polisher.  I now see why he thought that, because I'm all about quality control.   Why paint an ugly color when a pretty one is the same price?

But the Chief is in charge of the real stuff that actually takes you somewhere.  He/she has a sixth sense about honesty among the tribes, the horses to get you there, the duplicious paths you should not wander down.  He sets goals and has the ability to reach them.  He knows when a task is finished and when to modify it. 

The treat comes in when the Chief has a twinkle in his eye.  He says things in a way that lifts a spirit.  He sings when he's happy, silly lyrics he makes up or contorts from some clueless songwriter.  It's about an attitude of positive, forward thinking-never looking back-never regreting.  He's really kind of an entertainment center I can always count on to make a day more user friendly and fun.

So when I think about it being 49 years since I signed on, it doesn't seem probable my hard head would accept being relegated to Indian instead of Chief, I who knew everything at age 20.   It doesn't seem possible we're still here, still the same, still so different.  And I wonder what adventure will happen next.  But I do know it'll be interesting.

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  1. Hey, a Chief can't be Chief without a Sidekick! One's as important as the other!