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Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012 Yay for Geeks

When I looked out the window early this morning I saw only fog lying in the valleys surrounding our mountain at 2000 ft. elevation.  Peaks of other mountains poked out like eerie islands from the white sea of moisture.  Now I know what real islanders mean when they speak of "rock fever."  In their cases they really are hemmed in by water to a point of claustrophobia.  I knew fog would leave.  A two hundred mile view of fog and mountaintops was pretty spectacular.  One of those mountains is 11000 feet—that's over two miles straight up!

Something happened yesterday I'd never seen before.  With freeways being packed with seven lanes of traffic, a police car ahead of us got into the left hand lane (cops call this the "number one lane") then drove diagonally across all the lanes of traffic to the extreme right lane ("number seven lane").  No sooner did he get there than he immediately drove back across to the inside lane where he'd started.  He repeated this several times with all the traffic staying behind him of course.  A California cop method for slowing down the traffic when everybody is going too fast.

On the schedule now that I have my computer working again, is to get Chattahoochee Dead finished and set up signings in Escondido and San Diego.  Actually the computer wouldn't be working at all if we hadn't discovered making our Iphone into a personal hotspot for our computers.  We're too far out in the country for wireless networks.  In the end it was a $45 charge through AT&T and a geek we lucked into who showed us how to do this setup.  What a blessing.  If I'd been there I'd have given him a big kiss.  The Darrel said no when I asked if he'd done it for me.

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